Smokey Joe's Jazz Club

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We think Smokey Joe’s Jazz is the coolest of jazz clubs. Created by two professional musicians with a desire to bring affordable top notch live jazz to the area, hosted in a classy American diner, just off the Lower High Street in Cheltenham.

Gigs are monthly, usually on the first Thursday. A big part of the mission of Smokey Joe’s Jazz Club is to put on top class international artists, in a small and intimate venue. We want to give audiences the opportunity to experience the excitement and intensity of live jazz performance in a small, intimate, local venue, which otherwise many people could only experience by travelling to big concert venues in large cities. We feel that the experience of live jazz when you’re only a few metres away from the musicians is something you’ll never forget. You get to see the energy and interaction between musicians, watching the unfolding of amazing improvisations, right up close. We think it’s the best way!

We also want to showcase amazing talent and virtuosity, and in particular, we want to highlight that great jazz is being played by musicians of all ages, from the older ‘grand masters’ through to talent from a new and emerging generation of younger musicians. We want to showcase the ‘grand masters’ and the new ‘young lions’ to show the diversity and brilliance of what jazz is today. At Smokey Joe’s Jazz Club, we want to share the focus on an emerging generation of younger jazz musicians, who are building on the jazz tradition, but also creating jazz which is coming from the creative insights of musicians in their 20’s and 30’s.

And so it is too with our audiences. We want to attract audiences of all ages to our gigs. We want to see our long-standing jazz fans alongside new advocates of jazz, from schools, colleges and universities. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, whatever your age, we want to share this great music and energy with all of you!

Overall, we’re on a mission to bring great jazz to Cheltenham. We’re already lucky in Cheltenham, especially with a brilliant jazz festival, but we want to add something to the mix which isn’t already there; an intimate club atmosphere, great food, beer, wine and cocktails on tap, and an opportunity to get up close to the amazing musicians coming to the club. We’re looking forward to welcoming all of you to the club!

Venue Picture